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Portrait of Jamye Doerfler in a field.

Hi! It's nice to meet you.

As the mother of three teenage boys, I’m passionate about fostering a family life of mutual encouragement, deep spiritual connection, and a lot of fun. 

As a writer, I’m passionate about recording the moments we would otherwise forget and inspiring others to find ways to strengthen their own family life. 

I grew up in a family of 4 with an older brother, and that was what I hoped for myself: a boy and a girl, done. Instead, God gave me three boys, the second of whom arrived only after a season of fertility struggle, and the third who came as a surprise, awfully close to No. 2. But I knew immediately upon meeting each of them that I’d never trade one of them for a girl. 

I had other expectations, too, that haven’t panned out as I’d hoped. Writing, for one. My training is in fiction, and I’d always hoped my first published book would be a novel. But in this, too, God had other plans, leading me to use my skills to write something in this season of life that will bless other families. The Advent Investigator, my devotional for pre-teens and teens was published by CDM in October 2023.

Photo credit: Shack Shelley

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